Ruth Krijah Art Journal Page red blue cell shapes in watercolour

Jan 01 – It all started with this. Chaos in the morning light. Pulsing cells of possibility…

Ruth Krijah Art Journal Page black swirly lines with abstract leaf shapes and pink swirls

Jan 08 – From my journal: Life’s strings dancing around. Floating. Lotus leafs holding them together. Soothing rain. Sparkle. Rays of sunshine.

Ruth Krijah Art Journal Page black lines all over the page "the ways that didn't work"

Jan 09 – The next day. Chaos again. All the ways it doesn’t work. Trying new ways. Getting lost. ‘Cause they weren’t mine. At first all seems good. Then it gets confusing and I’m running around like a chicken. I always had important insights on these paths from time to time. Yet to find MY way around. Maybe it will look as confused from above. But it will feel truthful from within.

Ruth Krijah Art Journal Page triangles over washes of magenta and greenish blue

Jan 11 – Getting organised. Yet the chaos is still lurking through. It feels joyful. The mess is the colour of life!

Ruth Krijah Art Journal Page green swirly doodly line on washes of ocre and blue

Jan 18 – Maybe a well travelled life looks crazy like that?

Ruth Krijah Art Journal Page blue line of life with crazy coloured surroundings and golden swirls on top

Jan 23 – I finally get it, it’s my life line. The path I’m travelling. Starting in one direction, finding out it was the wrong one. Turning. Sometimes going in circles. It’s a map and I’m in all this beautiful mess, colours don’t fit but there is light everywhere and the dark just gives perspective and structure. Bubbles of golden insights.

I’ll share the process of this last piece tomorrow ♥
Update: Watch it >here

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