Inner Woman Prints

Bring a beautiful art print into your sacred corner, your office or studio to remember your radiant Inner Being. The woman you already are, a glowing, strong, kind and eternally wise soul.

Digital Portrait of a Woman closed eyes feeling at home in the world. Stars sparkle. Inner Peace and Strength. Inner Woman Portrait. By Artist Ruth Krijah - inspired by and created for patrons at
Digital Portrait of a Woman with flowing silky black hair. Morning Sunrise in the background. Roses. Japanese Water. Stars sparkle. Kind eyes and knowing smile. Inner Woman Portrait. By Artist Ruth Krijah

The Inner Woman Prints are here to connect you with your beauty, your strength and magical glow, something that when you look at it during any wild or normal day will anchor you and remind you of all the reasons why this life is yours and that you know how to birth your dreams and create love in this world.

These Prints are a wonderful gift to yourself for celebrating your journey, or to give to your soul sisters, your lover, to a bride-to-be, for birthdays, to support a young mother – or just because. They love to live on dream altars, in meditation corners or in spaces where women come together to heal and grow.

Every purchase comes with a sweet little ebook (digital download) to connect with your new piece and your own inner being. To set intentions and find clarity for how you want to live with this artwork and what you need right now to create beauty and ease in your life.

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Find the one who speaks to your heart in the shop:

Ruth Krijah Meditation Space with journals and an Inner Woman Art Print A5. Dried roses, rose quartz and "celebration" card from the future Youniverse Oracle Deck.

Allow yourself to be the one who rests in deep celebration for Life and chooses to be a force for Love, no matter the current circumstances.

The facts – sizes, options, shipping …

  • All portraits are available at size Din A5 (plus white border): 17x23cm / approx. 6.7x9in
  • Some portraits are also available at size Din A4 (plus white border): 23x32cm / approx. 9×12.6in
  • They are printed on Hahnemühle Fine Art Paper “William Turner” 310g/m² – which feels like a heavy water colour paper and brings out deep lush colours and texture. These prints are high quality galery standard printed and should last at least 75 years with appropriate handling (you package will include basic instructions).
  • All prints come signed, titled, with a certificate of authenticity and safely packaged in a flat shipping bag.
  • Included with all prints is a lovely digital eBook with journaling prompts to connect with your new piece and your own magical inner being when you receive your order.
  • They are unframed. You can use them with clippers to hang them anywhere and move them around as needed, or you can put them into a beautiful frame of your choice with a white mat and hang them on a wall.



A5 prints (smaller ones): 44 Euro + shipping
A4 prints (larger ones): 72 Euro + shipping

For conversion to your currency, navigate to the print you’d like to purchase in the shop. Then scroll down the page – at the bottom you’ll find an option to switch language and currency if necessary.

Prints are shipped internationally. If you live outside Europe and outside the US please get in touch first for inquiry about tracking options if you’d like to add those. There is a standard shipping option, however it does not have tracking included and depending on your location it can take up to 6 weeks until your package arrives. If you’d like more accurate info and discuss options, write an email with your shipping address to

The prices include the special extras as outlined above ♥

Digital Portrait of a Woman closed eyes. Crystal clarity. Inner Peace and Serenity. Inner Woman Portrait. By Artist Ruth Krijah - inspired by and created for patrons at
Digital Portrait of a bald woman. Looking straight at you with the eyes of a loving mother. Mama Gaia Portrait. Eternal Wisdom. Stars sparkle. Inner Woman Portrait. By Artist Ruth Krijah - inspired by and created for patrons at

Bring your Inner Woman home

Find the one who speaks to your heart:

Questions and Answers

I would like to purchase the original of one of these portraits!

Ohh thank you so much! In a way, the print is an original: I paint these portraits with my wacom intuous graphic tablet and Photoshop digitally – so these prints are the only physical representation that exist of these works. They come signed by hand, titled and with a certificate of authenticity.

If you’d like a piece that is truly “your own” – you might consider commissioning an Inner Woman Portrait – there are ways to make it so special that you truly have the only original in the world 🙂

I would like to have a much larger print to hang on my wall – is that possible?

The pieces that are currently available as prints in the shop are not available at larger sizes, I’m sorry.

There will be larger sized prints in the future. And if you can’t wait and have a special spot that is asking for her own wild woman, you can always commission a portrait created just for you over here: Inner Woman Portrait Commission

What was your inspiration for these paintings? Do they portray real women?

All of the current Inner Women Prints were inspired by the community. Four of them were created with my patrons – they got a PDF guide at the beginning of the month to connect with their Inner Being, sent back the answers and then I began collecting inspirations and references with all the beauty and truth my patrons had shared with me. So these beauties hold the energy of the dreams and Inner Wise Beings of several real women, and they also represent the timelessness of womanhood – as I myself am on a journey of exploring the Divine Feminine Archetypes, work a lot with my cycle and learn about prayer, energetic practices and meditation – all of this of course is inspiration for what and how I paint.

I usually have 3-8 references for the facial details – but these are just for me to find solutions for anatomy problems I encounter, the overall mood of the piece or lightning details. The final portrait is always a made up person, she only exists in our hearts 🙂

If you would love a portrait that resembles YOU or a beloved woman in your life, you can commission a personal just-for-you portrait here: Inner Woman Portrait Commission.

Can I be part of the community and help inspire the next portraits, too?

Ah yesss! That would be such a delight! You are always welcome to join the community over here: become a patron.

As I’ve recently embarked on a new personal series “Journey into Wholeness” – we have shifted what we are doing on the patreon together. At the moment we don’t create portraits, but there are weekly journaling prompts and Dream Energy Paintings for you to bathe in the essence of your innermost desires and invite more intention, alignment and wholeness into your everyday experience.

The Letters are a good way to stay in the loop should I come up with new and spontaneous ways of creating together 🙂 You can sign up here, it’s free: Receive the Artist’s Letters

Can I use the portrait at my retreat center / sisterhood circle / coaching practice office … ?

Yes! These Inner Women are delighted to hold the energy for your circles, classes and sessions, so wherever you’d like to take the print, please do. I’m always over the moon excited to see photos of where they live, so if you’d like to share, please send an email to or tag me on instagram @ruth_krijah

If you use the print for website photo styling, I’d also deeply appreciate it if you mention me somewhere in the credits (for example: artwork: © Ruth Krijah /

Purchasing a print does not transfer reproduction rights or grant commercial usage rights – so you are not allowed to scan / take photos to reprint the work in any form or for any project, personal or commercial / digitally display it in online magazines, stores, etc., use for marketing purposes or directly on your products. If you need a license for a project, please get in touch so we can discuss the details and set everything up for your success: send an email to

Do you offer refunds on prints?

Yes, standard refund policy for prints are 14 days upon receiving the package. Please send an email to before you post the package letting me know that you are asking for a refund.

You are responsible for the retour shipping costs. I can only take back fully intact, unused and un-damaged prints from non-smoking households. Please package the print safely and take photos before you post the package.

I personally inspect all prints before they go out to you. If nontheless you find your print comes flawed or even damaged, please get in touch as soon as possible with photos illustrating your inquiry so we can get you a refund or a new print.

I would like to gift a print to someone special. How does that work with the digital ebook that comes with the print?

The link to download the eBook is included in your package on a little card. So you can just include this card with the gift and your loved one can go to the address to download her copy.

When will new prints be available?

I don’t know yet 🙂 Sign up for the Letters to receive the latest news from the studio and hear when new Inner Women are ready to find their homes ♥

Digital Portrait of a Woman with piercing blue eyes emerging from abstract universe like background. Full Moon illuminating. Intensity. Knowing who she is. Inner Woman Portrait. By Artist Ruth Krijah - inspired by and created for patrons at - come join us to create this month's portrait together!

Choose Your Own Inner Woman…

… and remember your strength, your sparkle, your connection to the flow, to your richness and courage, your deep magic and mystical wisdom.

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