Inner Woman Portrait Commission

A journey to your Inner Being and the Woman you are becoming. To You who sparkles with her own unique radiance, a depth and love and knowing that is magical and magnetic.

A custom artwork just for you to stay soulfully connected to your most beautiful powerful Self.

Wherever you are on your journey, this is for you:

You are on a deeply fulfilling journey of creating your life and would love to have something tangible to connect with your luminous essence, with the radiance of your Inner Woman anytime, no matter the day or how you feel. A special portrait that reflects back to you the deep inner knowing of who you are, the You who is brave enough to live her dreams and express herself fully.

You are doing a lot of inner work but to be honest – most of the time it feels more like grinding and an endless tedious never-ending story than joyful healing, alignment and home-coming. Yet, this home-coming and more joy and magical connectedness was the whole point of embarking on this journey into the dark places. Now it’s time to look at yourself and truly see the radiance that has always lived inside you.

You love the experience of being seen by another, of discovering new layers of depth, beauty and vibrancy. And you would love a picture of your Self, one that can’t be taken with a camera, one that reflects the beauty of not only your physical self but even more so of your energy, the Inner You you know is here to glow and create a life she truly loves.

I can’t wait to connect with you and translate your beauty, your strength and magical glow into a piece of art that will anchor you and remind you of all the reasons why this life is yours and that you know how to birth your dreams and create love in this world.

How this works:

My process is intuitive. The threads and paragraphs you share from your journaling and everything we talk about on the call will inform the final painting. There will be space to make wishes for certain colours or shapes, for the overall atmosphere and you will have the opportunity to give feedback and ask for adjustments twice during the painting process.

I’ll work with photo references you share with me, but those are only for guidance, not to be copied exactly. Your Inner You will resemble you – not necessarily because every freckle is on spot, but because she will carry herself with the grace and the sparkle that’s uniquely yours. You will feel her. And see her with all of who you are.

These portraits are painted mainly with a Wacom graphic tablet and Photoshop. Often I also use hand-painted textures, expecially in the backgrounds or to produce one of a kind digital brushes for your portrait. You’ll receive a high quality fine art print and before I send the print to you I add some hand-painted embellishments with acrylics to make your piece unique and bring out even more of the sparkle.

It’s an experience of revealing the unexpected beauty. Of making visible what you only sensed but had no words for yet.

The experience includes:

  • Journaling prompts to connect to your glowing Self – this is for you to fully immerse yourself in your own Soul Energy and bring out your Inner You. Afterwards you’ll share bits and pieces (only the ones you feel good sharing) in a questionnaire that I will use as inspiration and reference during the painting process
  • Zoom call (30 min) to dive even deeper and be seen in your radiant beauty. This will feel like a lovely tea date and we’ll make space for your insights and hopes and dreams and just have a timeless half hour together. You don’t have to process anything here. You don’t have to reveal anything that you don’t feel ready to. We go as deep and wide and far as you want. The purpose is to connect heart to heart and feel inspired, nourished and in love with life and yourself afterwards.
  • A3 print of the final Inner You Portrait on high quality art paper shipped to you (unframed)
  • A digital 150dpi version of your portrait to use on your electronic devices or to print on normal sized photo paper for your dream journals and to put in a frame on your desk or tuck into your purse
  • Integration prompts (a short questionnaire with prompts to reflect and integrate the experience and find your flow with your new portrait and the discoveries you’ve made during our time together)


What I need from you:

  • Permission to connect with your energy and your guides throughout the process
  • Your willingness to stay open and release all expectations of how she is supposed to look like – to let yourself be surprised and see yourself in a new light
  • 2 or 3 photographs of you that serve as reference
  • Any references you’d like me to also consider for the painting (this is optional)

You probably won’t enjoy this experience:

  • If you hate journaling and exploring your inner being and your deepest truths
  • You are looking for a super realistic 1:1 copy of your face and body
  • You have a finished piece of art in mind and need this to be painted exactly like that

Booking your Inner Woman Portrait Experience

Please fill in the form at the bottom of this page so we can discuss everything 🙂

435 EUR

(deposit of 236€ due at beginning of our project)

Prices include A3 fine art print and shipping within the EU.
For international shipping: Please include your address in your inquiry so I can quote you accordingly. If you want a larger sized print, the price will be adjusted accordingly.

As I am under the small business regulation in Austria, I don’t collect VAT on this offering.

Turnaround Times

Please plan for 5-7 weeks until you receive the print, depending on where you live in the world (I’m in Austria) and how quickly you have time to send in the questionnaire + schedule the call. Pure painting time takes about 2-3 weeks.

Questions and Answers

Why a print? I would like to purchase the original!

I paint these portraits with my wacom intuous graphic tablet and Photoshop. After I get the print, I will embellish it with acrylic paint and gold/silver colour and or glitter, depending on what your portrait needs. Of course it will come signed, too.

Therefore, your print is the original 🙂

Without your permission I will not reprint your portrait to sell or exhibit. And even if you give your consent that I may reprint your portrait, you will receive the ONLY version that is hand embellished.

I would like to have a much larger print to hang on my wall – is that possible?

Probably yes, please get in touch and let me know:

  • The size you want the print to have (minimum and maximum)
  • Where you live (shipping address)

so I can quote you accordingly and prepare the file I work with.

It sounds like a super deep process. I’m a bit nervous about that?

I hear you. Getting painted and letting someone else see the depth of your beauty – the parts you fully embody as well as the pieces of you who you might have tucked away safely because you think they are “too much”  – this is a deep, courageous process. It’s also relieving and filled with wonder, awe, and lots and lots of gentle love and joy. You can show up as humanly “messy” as you might feel right now. My greatest gifts are seeing the immense beauty in the person that’s sitting in front of me no matter how “inappropriate” they might feel. Listening without judgement and full support for your dreams and desires. Welcoming you warmly and creating a space where you can be Yourself and at home. Anything you share with me, no matter if it’s in your emails, the pieces from your journaling, what happens on the call, will stay between the two of us.

You know when you are ready to do this. And it’s ok to be nervous about this. I’m always a bit nervous when embarking on this journey, too – it’s this sparkly kind of expansive anticipation.

If yours feels a little more anxious than expansive, please let me know what’s going on and send me an email.

Are you going to show my portrait on your website?

Only if it’s ok with you. I’d be exhilarated to get your permission to show your portrait! Your Inner You Portrait will totally light up the day for someone else. We are all connected and others will find pieces of their own Selves in you and your special glow and beauty. So yes, I’m all for giving you space to glow and radiate! You choose if you want to do so anonymously, with your first name only or full name, with or without a link to your business or offerings if you are running a business yourself.

If you absolutely under no circumstances want anyone to see your portrait, I respect and honour that decision and won’t display it anywhere ever. Sometimes it’s necessary to live with this Portrait for a while in full privacy before it’s ready to be seen by others, so if that’s the case, I’m supporting you in this, too. We’ll discuss the details at the beginning and you can wait with the decision until the portrait is finished.

Can I use this portrait as the cover of my book / illustration for a music project / to advertise my sisterhood circle / … ?

If you purchase an additional license for this purpose, yes! Commercial usage rights have to be purchased separately.

I also do commercial art project collaborations – so if you need a beautiful woman painting for your business endeavors, please get in touch to discuss the details.

The offering on this page is meant for private use only. You are free to print the portrait for your own home and enjoyment. You may also put it on your about-page or make a blog-post with it on your own website with proper credit (how to do this will be laid out in the contract). However, if you want to use it for products and services that make you money you will have to license the piece for the respective purpose.

Do you offer refunds?

No. We are working closely together and this is an experience that asks for full, open-hearted curiosity and commitment. Therefore, all payments are final.

If you would like to get a taste of this kind of work and process before fully committing to the experience, head over here: join the patreon and inspire the monthly Inner Woman Portrait ($11 tier) or be my muse for my newest Inner Woman Portrait Series ($22 tier).

What if I don't like the finished portrait?

I’m confident that you will feel deeply touched by your Inner Woman Portrait, even if it looks different than what you had imagined at first.

There is an element of surprise in this process as we will use your answers from the journaling and the call as the main inspiration for your portrait, not your photographs and also not your preconceived ideas about how your Inner Woman should look like. Your portrait will not be a 1:1 copy. It will resemble your vibrant energy, not necessarily all of your physical features. You will be informing the process and you will have two opportunities to give feedback and make wishes. The rest is up to the creative muses 😊 Yours and mine.

We are staying in touch throughout the whole process, so it’s nearly impossible that in the end you feel disappointed with your Inner Woman Portrait. In the 3.5 years that I’ve created soul inspired work for others it only happened once that someone was utterly unhappy with the result and we found a solution that felt good to both of us. If you are new to my work: Please take a look at my gallery so you can decide if you love my style.


If in the end you decide you don’t want the painting printed and shipped to you but you’ve already paid the full amount – I’m happy to refund the printing and shipping costs.

In this case you may not use the artwork neither privately nor commercially. I retain full rights of the painting and will be able to sell it as prints and other products. Your name will never be disclosed and I will not tell anyone that you were the inspiration of this piece if you choose to remain anonymous.

I would like to gift this to someone special. Is that possible?

Oh yes! You can choose if you want to give them a voucher so they can walk through the whole process themselves (it’s valid for four months) – or the two of us can work together to create a piece that honors the beauty and strength and friendship you see in your loved one and would like her to see as well.

If you want to gift an Inner Woman Portrait to a bride-to-be or as a birthday present for a special woman in your life and want to do this as a group of friends or family members – I have a particular process for this, so please get in touch at least 8 weeks before the date so we can discuss the details. Prices vary for this, depending on what you need and how all of you are willing to participate in the process.

Inquire for an Inner Woman Portrait Commission

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