Dream Energy Portraits

How does it feel to be soulfully connected to your innermost dreams and desires?

Your Heart’s dreams and desires hold the keys to who you are meant to be, for every aspect of your life. The fastest way of creating your most cherished experience is by staying in alignment with your own essence, with the energy of your dreams and desires and allowing yourself to remember your wholeness, your joy and the infinite possibilities of how things can unfold for you.

I like to think of these dream energy pieces as precious bubbles of Light – infused with the keys and codes you need along your path.

Ruth Krijah Dream Portrait - Flow. Commission, 15cm, acrylic on canvas cardboard with glitter, 2017
Ruth Krijah Dream Portrait - Diving Deep, 20cm, acrylic on canvas board, 2017
Ruth Krijah Dream Energy Portrait - 7cm, acrylic on canvas cardboard, 2017
Ruth Krijah Dream Portrait - Lebensblätter, 7cm, acrylic on canvas cardboard, 2016
Ruth Krijah Dream Portrait - Dancing Universe, 7cm, acrylic on canvas board, 2016. SOLD
Ruth Krijah Dream Portrait - Summer Meadow, 7cm, acrylic on canvas cardboard, 2016. SOLD

Portraits of Dreams

Dreamboards want to support you in creating your dreams and anchoring and integrating the energy of your Heart’s desires in your current life. They are small light filled artworks painted in the zone of wild bliss and deep appreciation to give you a space to drop into the vibrant beauty of your own wild dreams and aspirations. Keep them near your desk, journal and meditate with them and everytime you look at the painting, you will remember what it is you are dreaming into life and feel the joy of going there.

Find yours in my wildandblissful Etsy Shop or commission a custom Dream Energy Portrait created specifically for you.

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