Connect to Your Heart and Dreams

through an Original Painting just for You

How does it feel to be soulfully connected to Who-You-Are? Grounded and centered in your Truth, navigating life with grace and aliveness?

Whatever the special energy is that you want to integrate into your life more fully, I’d love to help you bring more of it to your every day and help you connect with this knowing whenever and wherever you need it most – through an original, one of a kind work of art.

Together we’ll find what colours and shapes you need to drop back into yourself and connect with your dreams and hopes. Then I’ll translate all of that onto canvas. These little gems are perfect for your bedroom, office space, to put on your altar or travel with them. This way you can use them to focus yourself in a few deep breaths by bathing in the colourful richness of your dreams and desires.

You need art for your next soulful project? Cover art for a special planner, your next EP, a book, inspirational focus cards for your coaching clients, or anything else that brings more glow and beauty to others’ lives? You can inquire about that with the form below, too. Please choose the “project” option.

How it works – sizes and options

Round dream boards: (canvas board): 15cm or 20cm in diameter. These are perfect for art that lives on desks, tables, altars or book shelves and can easily come with you on all your travels. The boards are light, sturdy and durable.

If you need a beautiful piece for your walls, we’ll find the perfect size for you, anything between 20x20cm and approx. 80x80cm.

I use mainly acrylics on canvas and love to paint with rich colours.

The Process Step by Step

1 – After I receive the filled in form (below), I’ll answer any questions you might have and we’ll decide on the size and other specifics of the commission. I’ll send you a quote based on what you are looking for, along with an agreement to be signed. Before we officially begin I collect a non-refundable 50%.

2 – Now I’ll have you fill out a questionnaire that will be all about the particular energy, your dreams and desires that the piece should hold for you. We might also get on a call. Afterwards I’ll get into a meditation and start the painting process. First, I’ll find the specific marks and colours. When I feel like I’ve got what I need, I’ll show it to you, so you can feel into it, and give feedback as needed.

3 – Now I start the actual piece. My painting process is intuitive and works like a transformation process with several layers until the full bloom of your dreams is revealed. I can’t fully plan for this, so we’ll trust and go with what shows up. Near the completion phase there will be another opportunity for you to feel into what’s coming through and give feedback.

4 – When we both feel complete with the piece, I’ll collect the remaining 50% and upon receiving payment will ship the original to you.

Personal Projects: You’ll also get 2-5 digital downloads of the progress steps and the finished piece so you can add the energy to your devices, too. I also include a handwritten letter of all the insights that came to me while working on your piece.

Turnaround Times

Commissions of round board pieces (15cm/20cm) usually take up to 2 weeks to complete. Wall art up to 50x50cm takes approx. 3-4 weeks to complete. Bigger sizes can take up to 6 weeks until they are ready to be shipped to you. Shipping depends on where you are located. Europe: approx. 1-2weeks. World: 3-5weeks. We’ll discuss options before we begin our work together.

Inquire about a custom piece

Please fill in this form to inquire about an original piece of art for yourself or as a gift (please tick the “private” option)  or to inquire about commissioning artwork for a project (cover art for music, planners, books, etc. – please tick the “projects” option). All fields are required. For the questions about particular artwork you like, please refer to the Dream Gallery, the Art Journal and/or Instagram.

I’m so looking forward to connecting with you ♥

What would you like to commission?

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Where and how would you like to live with your piece?

Would you like your piece to be portable? Or should it hang safely in one spot?

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The data you share via this form is sent encrypted and is stored on servers in the EU. The information is used to successfully answer your request and easefully start our project (GDPR Art. 6, 1b). For more details on how I use your data please refer to the privacy policy.

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