Blooming You Portrait Commission

Blossom into Your Whole Magical Beingness
Nourished by the Essence of a Plant Sister

To see this beautiful, perfect being, growing, blooming, strong and fully herself right where she is… does it make you remember how you are a perfect expression of Life, too?

Do you know what it feels like to marvel at a plant and forget time and space? To find your favourite flower growing through the crack of the street or amidst a lush meadow?

The Blooming You experience is a soul portrait of you immersed in the energy and sparkle of a plant that you love dearly. When you see or think of this plant, your heart softens, your mind relaxes, and you feel a sense of awe and belonging gently wash through you.

Maybe she grows in your garden, maybe you find her on your walks, maybe it’s just a memory of a distant time that still holds that connection.


This is a portrait that allows you to ground yourself, to feel home and connected to this magical planet, bathe in joy and aliveness on an otherwise grey day and delight in your own earthly beauty.

It’s a weaving of soul essence and earth medicine. An anchor for you to carry wherever you go, whenever you want to drop back into remembrance of beauty, sweetness and gentle power.

It’s also about remembering that we are all loved just as we are and how we already have everything within us that we need to blossom and thrive.


This portrait will feature you in the centre, immersed in, nourished, carried and supported by your plant sister and whatever intuition says needs to be added in (this could be any element from her natural environment, an animal that is connected with her or the season she thrives in).


Upon completion you’ll receive a digital file of your portrait that you can use on all devices as background and inspiration and print on standard sized photo paper to put her into your dream diary, onto your altar, desk or book shelf or gift to your friends who terribly miss you and your magic.

We can also create a portrait of your plant loving friend, sister, mother, bride. For birthdays, engagements or occasions when your dear one needs extra love to rejuvenate and heal.

For details on the gift option see FAQ below.

Booking your custom Blooming You Portrait

Please fill in the form at the bottom of this page so we can discuss everything.

Investment: 127 EUR

This includes journal prompts to connect with your plant and a digital printable .jpg file of your portrait (postcard size)

The steps of how your Blooming You Portrait comes to life:

  • You get in touch with me via the form below
  • If there are questions, we’ll find the best solutions, then we’ll sign the Agreement and handle payment.
  • In the meantime you’ll also receive the questions to gather all the inspiration for your portrait. You have 7 days to complete the form and send it back, together with 2-3 photos of yourself and one or more photos of your chosen flower.
  • I’ll sit with all this magic, have tea with our spirits and angels and then I’ll paint your portrait.
  • Once it’s finished I will send it to you via email with any insights and messages that came through while painting.

Available spots: I take a limited number of commissions on a rolling basis.

Process Details and Setting the Container

Click to open the toggles below and find out about all the details concerning feedback rounds, format, printing options and the refund policy:

Format and Delivery

This portrait comes as a digital file only. optimized both for screen viewing and printing on A6 photo paper. This way you’ll always have it near when you need that extra grounding and remembrance of beauty and strength. The A6 size is perfect to glue into your diary, take with you while you travel, put into a beautiful frame for your altar, night stand or bookshelf and to add to greeting cards to your loved ones who miss you.

Turnaround times: When you’ve submitted your answers and all required photo reference, you can expect to receive your portrait within 14 days.

Feedback rounds and adjustments

There are no in-between feedback rounds, the portrait will come to life as the muses flow, it’s a highly intuitive process that we will trust. If you prefer, I can send you the almost finished version so you can ask for small adjustments. If you just want to be surprised, that’s fine, too!

Payment Method

If you have a bank account with an IBAN number, you can make your payment via bank transfer. Otherwise, I’ll send you a paypal invoice you can pay via your paypal account or via credit card.

Payment is due upfront. Please don’t hesitate to ask for payment plan options if you need one in your inquiry.

As I am under the small business regulation in Austria, I don’t collect VAT on this offering.

Refund Policy

Due to the digital nature of this offering, there are no refunds. I trust that if we both are a full body YES to working together on a Blooming You Portrait, the artwork will hold what you need most at this time, even if it looks differently than what you had imagined beforehand. If you genuinely just can’t fall in love with your portrait once it’s finished, we’ll find a solution together.

Usage Rights

The file is for personal use and enjoyment only. You can use the file on all your devices and print the artwork for yourself and your loved ones (size: Din A6 / standard postcard). As soon as it’s for commercial purposes, you’ll need an extended license. I’m happy to grant you further usage rights upon request on a case by case basis. There will be more info on this in our Portrait Commission Agreement and of course if you have questions about this at any point, please ask.

Option to add a physical high quality fine art print of your portrait

You have the option to add on a gallery quality fine art print of your portrait that is signed and hand embellished with some extra sparkle. The print will be A6 or A5 (your choice) plus a 1cm white border and comes on lush watercolour-textured paper. These prints are manufactured to last at least 75 years when framed and handled with care (framing is not included).

For shipping address in the EU: +65 EUR
For international address: +75/85 EUR (depending on your location)

The fee is added to the base price of the digital version and covers both printing and shipping costs as well as the extra hand embellishments. The print will be shipped in a sturdy flat mailer, signed and accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.

If you love a luxurious art experience or would like to gift with extra style, this is a beautiful add on.

Questions and Answers

I feel drawn to this portrait but I have a hard time choosing my plant . . .

I might have some questions to help you find her:

  • Which plant reminds you of your original essence and beingness?
  • If you were a plant, you’d be this one: _____
  • What flowers, trees, grasses, herbs, shrubs did you love as a child? What did they whisper into your ear? What did you tell them? Which one of them still speaks to you today?
Plants are my LIFE, I can't choose just ONE . . .

Maybe it’s not meant to be just one for you? Have you asked your heart? Angels? Gut? Beloved? If it’s still impossible to choose just one: You can bring up to three if you are cool with me picking intuitively and weaving drops of their medicine into your portrait as it happens.

I would like to gift this portrait to someone who adores plants. Is that possible?

Yes! Please be aware though that I need photos of your person that will serve as reference. And: I only accept portrait commissions for people you personally know well and who know you well, too. Creating a Blooming You Portrait is an energetically intimate, deeply connective process, so we’ll want to honour your person’s boundaries and we can only do that when they trust you.

You can also purchase a gift voucher for them, just let me know your preference in your inquiry.


My favourite plant is actually not a flower but a tree, is that OK, too?

Yes! Anything that uses photosynthesis is welcome! Trees, herbs, mosses, ferns, flowers, shrubs … I’m so looking forward to painting the two of you 🙂

I have this plant in mind but I don’t know its name. Can you paint us anyway?

If you have two or three pictures of this plant, yes! If you don’t have pictures but you are good at describing things with detail and flavour, we can try, too! You are welcome to fill in the form and we’ll see what we can do together ♥

Inquire for a Blooming You Portrait Commission

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