Be My Inspiration for the Inner Woman Portrait Series

An experiment in creating powerful women art together

(it’s free! and hopefully magical)

Strong, glowing woman. She is present and exudes an all-embracing love. She is funny and wise and experiences life fully.

Getting to know women like these makes me want to take up the brush and start painting like nothing else does. And I don’t know a single woman who does not become this sparkly being when allowed to drop into her heart and listen to what’s there. I love hearing your stories and dreams and talk about what it means to be fully alive. You, too?

Yes, so how about YOU are my inspiration for my next portraits? Ready to make some magic together? ♥

Fill out the form below and I’ll weave what you share into my new Inner Woman Portrait Series. Let’s inspire the world with the strength and the beauty that we all carry.


Of course, there are no right or wrong answers.

Everything you share here is a snippet of inner landscape in this very moment. Each question is designed to let you revel in childlike wonder and aliveness and invites you to spend a little while in your heart, exploring what it feels and looks like to be all of You – today.

Some of the questions and your answers will inspire the look of the Inner Woman herself. Others help me drop into the mood, the atmosphere, and find the appropriate colours, shapes and patterns our Inner Women need around them to fully bloom.

I am so excited to read your questionnaire and paint the next portraits while holding your answers in my heart.


Some words on how this works technically

This questionnaire is anonymous. You don’t have to add your name or email address to participate here, so I won’t know who shares what and no additional personal data is stored when you hit send.

If you want to keep the answers for yourself, feel free to screenshot the page before you hit submit.

The form requires you to put in *something* into each field. So if you don’t want to answer some of the Qs, of course feel free to skip by just adding any word or letter into the textarea and move on.

Now, I hope you’ll have fun and some magical moments filling this in, knowing that the gems you’ll dig up will get painted into one or more of the Inner Woman Portraits.


To begin …

… take a deep breath in, fill your whole body with fresh energy. Hold at the top for a short moment and imagine how any icky stuff that might be lingering around is gathered up – and exhale it sharply. If this feels good, repeat 3-6 times, or as often as you like.

Inspire the Inner Woman Portraits

Choose 1-3 of the following that describe the sensation of how it feels to be soulfully connected to your inner knowing:

What scent connects you with your own inner sense of power, possibility and appreciation for this life?

4 + 6 =

Questions about this before we start? 🙂 (click to read more)

Why is this questionnaire anonymous? What if you need to ask for clarification? And what if I want to see what you create with my answers?

I thought about this thorougly and I feel that for a free thing it’s best when anyone can participate and not have to worry about right anwers, about saying something that might feel too bold the next day or making sense at all. This is deep territory and I really appreciate you consider sharing with me about these intimate lands. It means the world to me.

I can get inspired for a whole painting with only a handful of words, so to be able to weave your answers into my paintings, it’s not necessary that I can get back to you personally. I’m pretty sure though that I would LOVE to talk about these things more with you and if you’re up to it after you hit submit, I’ll have some ideas how we might do this (and still keep full privacy on your answers here).


I’m curious how YOU would answer these questions! Would you mind sharing?

Of course 🙂 Some of it really depends on the mood I’m in. Here’s a snippet of what is always true for me:

The book I would have loved to grow up in: Ronia, the Robber’s Daughter (by Astrid Lindgren). The forest, the wilderness, the love.

One thing I imagined my grown up self to have: wild curly hair, long and messy

And one of my favourite weather conditions that always makes me feel wild and free and fully alive: A hot summer day, a thunder storm is approaching, low hanging rain clouds, first rain drops are falling and thunder rolling in the distance. The streets are filled with the smell of wet dust already and I want to dance with loose hair and bare feet. Also: The North Sea (especially the dunes and beaches in Holland) and meadows with wild flowers feel like home to me.


What if I want to see what you are creating from my answers?

After you hit submit, I’ll have a few options for you to stay in the loop and get notified when a new portrait inspired by the community (you!) is finished and ready to move out into the world. Plus, more ideas to create more intimately together. Stay tuned 🙂

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