You have dreams. And life can get crazy. You are unlearning a lot of the old ways of pushing, striving, achieving that have got you exhausted.

Maybe you’ve already realized more times than you care to admit that the journey would be a lot easier if you could just remind yourself often enough of those little things that really shift the moment. The deep breaths. Relaxing your shoulders. Taking a minute to connect to the beauty around and within you.

Hello You, I’m Ruth and I really get this. When I decided I wanted to become an artist and create a life that I truly love, I had to face a lot of the ways of how I operated as a human being. I felt exhausted and trapped, often overwhelmed and like every step I took forward meant three steps back. I had a lot of unwinding to do.

Things started to really shift when I allowed myself to take many tiny moments throughout my days to connect to my heart, pause, recalibrate to the beauty and strength that was already available to me. Inside and out. That was when I realized that I didn’t have to make enormous changes or become an entirely different person to get myself a life that feels true and real and just the right kind of magical.

It was all about staying connected to what I already knew. Finding a way to remember my big insights and integrate the shifts that had already happened.

This is what my art is about. The gentle glow, the depth, the joy of living life from that space of soulful connectedness – transformed onto canvas. Anchoring the beauty and inner knowing in our every day lives.

Nothing brings me more joy than to write little love notes to you, share observations of the small things that create peace within, translate sighs of relief into paint or spending time listening to your story and reflect back your glow to you – so you can remember and be your vibrant, ever growing Self and do what you really want to do, every single day of this life.

In case you want to know more about me and how I got here:

I grew up in Germany and nowadays live in Vienna in Austria – love got me here. I was the quiet kid who observed her surroundings with big brown eyes, got labeled too sensitive and fragile for this world because she often cried when things got weird around her. I had solutions for everyday challenges that often involved just giving each other a big timeless hug (I still think big timeless hugs save about any situation). When we were little, my sister and I painted the windows, wrote and performed our own screenplays and most nights we would tell each other wild princess stories until we fell asleep. Then school happened, and after that I went to university to study language and culture for 6 long years while art turned into an occasional hobby until it left my life completely and made way for stress and overwhelm and feeling utterly lost. In 2013 everything broke. I was at my nerve’s ends. The outlook of finishing my degree and having to get “a real job” put me into sheer panic. When I sobbed through the nights and couldn’t get up in the mornings unless I had exams, I knew that things had to change drastically if I wanted to stay sane. The same year I started making art again.

Since then I went to therapy, did energy healing, learnt every day practices from incredible women, started a graphic design business, mourned the death of my beloved great aunt and found the power of abstract art. It took me countless months of procrastination and holding myself back. Lots and lots of tea dates with the inner parts of me that felt utterly afraid and uncapable. Of course, this is an ongoing process. And it gets a lot easier when you know that the only thing that truly counts is staying connected to your own wild soul. Like as with every breath. Then I finally realized that what I’m here for is creating possibilities for connection. True, soulful, timeless, heart relieving connection. And that my tool for this is: Art.


Welcome you wonderful shining soul!

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