Luminous Art to help you embrace your Inner Being

Life is busy. Sometimes in expansive ways, other times in exhausting ways. How much more soulfully connected could it get – if we just remembered all the beauty and sparkle that lives around and within us often enough throughout the day?

What if you didn’t have to strive and struggle and instead it just took a few moments to take a deep breath and remember your glow? Grounding back into who you truly are and the desires and dreams that are near and dear to your heart?

That’s exactly what I hope my art brings to you. An effortless, joyful way to softly, sweetly drop back into the space of wonder in the moments you seemingly have lost your grounding. To remind you of all the big and small dreams you have within a blink of an eye. It’s here to connect you to the particular flavor of freedom, expansion and gentleness you want to integrate into your everyday. To reconnect you to all the strength, beauty and wisdom you already carry within you and allow your heart to sigh with relief, any time and anywhere throughout the day.

Portrait Experience: Your Innermost Radiance

Your Soul Essence made visible. A timeless mirror for your inner strength, beauty, the light you bring to this world as YOU.

The Inner Glow Experience

Stay soulfully connected to your radiant Inner Being – no matter what’s going on in your day: Download an 11 minute audio immersion to anchor and fill you up from within whenever you need the extra dose of inner light nourishment (even works in crazy environments and over-the-top-busy days). It’s free, add your details below:

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