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wild dreams - blissful life
Ruth Krijah Art Dreamboard Tears of a Dream acrylic on round canvas board mandala floral pattern

Portraits of Dreams

Dreams want to be lived. Often, it is not easy to make them real. They seem too big and bold and scary.

That is why I paint portraits of dreams and everything that is needed on the way of bringing them to life. The round dreamboards hold space for you to connect to the magic of your Soul’s dreams. They are meant to make you feel the essence of what you are about to birth into the world. To lift your spirits, make you feel the joy and love for your dream and help you focus on what really matters.

Ruth Krijah Art wrapped in love goddess within dancing digital painting female portrait

Portraits of Wild Women

Remembering that within every woman lives a beautiful wild goddess longing to be expressed freely. When she is, magic happens:

Where there is a woman there is magic.
Ntozake Shange